Announcing Form I-9 and E-Verify seminar for November 2010

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Knowledge is power in the changing landscape of federal immigration enforcement.

GoffWilson, an immigration law firm with offices in New Hampshire and abroad, announces an encore presentation of the winning seminar for Employers and Human Resource Professionals, “Form I-9 & E-Verify: What You Need To Know 2010”. Back by popular demand for the third time, the training workshop will take place on Thursday, November 18, 2010 from 8:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. at Delta Dental Auditorium in Concord, NH.

Participants earn three Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI) continuing education credit hours for completing the training.

Reporting and compliance oversights can prompt scrutiny of the most well-intentioned businesses. Under the new administration, worksite enforcement policies have shifted liability away from the undocumented workers and to the employer. Has your company implemented the most up-to-date requirements? Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) now has the financial resources to investigate and develop cases against U.S. employers for crimes such as money laundering, tax evasion, wage and hour violations, and RICO crimes. Even errors unrelated to immigration or foreign workers can result in $110 to $1,100 for a minor violation.

With increased scrutiny on U.S. employers, knowledge is power, and it is critical that businesses are aware of their responsibilities, even if they do not employ foreign workers. The seminar, “Form I-9 & Employment Verification: What You Need to Know 2010,” led by Attorney John Wilson, and the GoffWilson I-9 Team, focuses on:

  • Completing the I-9 Form properly and completely
  • The most common errors that can result in ICE scrutiny and fines
  • Review of acceptable verification documents and the information they contain
  • Up-to-date legal requirements that employers must abide by for Form I-9 and E-Verify

Participants will receive the 2010 version of the GoffWilson I-9 manual. This take-home training manual contains exercises completed during training, examples of correctly completed I-9 Forms, copies of the accompanying identification documents (i.e. Driver’s License, Social Security Card, U.S. Passport, Greencard), and frequently asked questions for future reference.

“Homeland security is focusing on the employer and pursing criminal and civil enforcement against employers who are non-compliant,” Attorney John Wilson, stated, “The best way for Employers and Human Resource professionals to be proactive regarding their responsibilities is to understand and comply with the law.” During the seminar, participants will do just that. They are given hands-on exercises with guidance from the GoffWilson I-9 Team to put education into practice. At the end of seminar, participants will take-home a completed workbook with numerous examples that they completed and corrected in class.
The registration fee for the seminar is $95, which includes intensive Form I-9 training, the 2010 version of the GoffWilson I-9 manual, breakfast, and 3 hours of HRCI credit. Early registration is recommended as space is limited. For more information or to register for this seminar visit or contact GoffWilson at (603) 228-1277,

The Buzz from the 2009 & 2010 Seminars

  • Excellent training – engaging, timely and comprehensive. – June 2010 Participant
  • Before the seminar I thought how difficult can it be to complete an I-9 Form? Boy, was I wrong! The training was very informative. I found the workbook and actually completing some of the I-9’s very helpful! – June 2010 Participant
  • The hands-on approach and the style in which the information was presented was very good. The workbook is a great reference tool.” – June 2010 Participant
  • Training materials were exceptional!! – June 2010 Participant
  • I thought the training and trainers were fantastic! Way more than I expected! – March 2009 Participant
  • Excellent workshop where I highly recommend anyone who works in hiring procedures attend! You will not be disappointed! – March 2009 Participant
  • Overall, I walked away with a Oh Wow feeling! – March 2009 Participant

Important Links

Seminar Webpage |  Seminar  Flyer | June 2010 Seminar |  Online Registration |  Paper Registration

About GoffWilson, P.A. and Attorney John Wilson

GoffWilson, has been assisting employers with immigration law in the global market place for more than twenty-five years. GoffWilson serves a wide variety of multinational companies in various sectors including energy, finance, healthcare, engineering and technology while providing clients with individualized service and a global reach. The sole focus of the Firm is Immigration Law. GoffWilson assists companies in establishing the systems and procedures needed to ensure compliance with the nation’s Form I-9 Verification System, and protect their interests if targeted for a workplace enforcement action.
Attorney John R. Wilson, President of GoffWilson, has led educational trainings for over fifteen years, and has conducted hundreds of HR-related training events. Wilson is a frequent writer and lecturer on immigration law in front of national and area Human Resources Associations and various business groups including Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

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