Top 10 Signs You Need an I-9 Audit.

October 3, 2011 § 5 Comments

With apologies to David Lettermen, we humbly present our Top Ten List of…

How to know you need an I-9 audit.

  1. You do not know how to make corrections to an I-9 Form.
  2. You have multiple job sites and no centralized I-9 system in place.
  3. Your company has recently gone through or is about to commence a merger, acquisition or reorganization.
  4. None of the personnel responsible for managing your I-9 compliance program has received formal training in proper completion and retention requirements.
  5. You are copying suspicious looking I-9 documents presented by the employee while completing the I-9 Form, but not all.
  6. You have received Social Security “no match” letters.
  7. You do not have a written I-9 policy and procedures manual.
  8. You know you have I-9 errors and mistakes in your existing I-9 files.
  9. You are thinking of converting to an electronic I-9 system.
  10. The HR position has recently been filled by a new person who now has responsibility of managing I-9 Forms.

Don’t worry, we are here to help you through the maze of I-9 regulations and traps. Give us a call at 603.228.1277 or email GoffWilson and let us provide you with training, a compliance program and guidance. We are your I-9 Team.

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